Alpha Iota Delta, the international honor society in decision sciences and information systems publishes the International Journal of Applied Decision Sciences (IJADS) ( in cooperation with Inderscience Publishers in the United Kingdom .


IJADS, the flagship journal of Alpha Iota Delta, is a double-blind refereed international journal whose focus is to promote the infusion of the functional and behavioral areas of business with the concepts and methodologies of the decision sciences and information systems. IJADS distinguishes itself as a business journal with an explicit focus on modeling and applied decision-making.


The thrust of IJADS is to provide practical guidance to decision makers and practicing managers by publishing papers that bridge the gap between theory and practice of decision sciences and information systems in business, industry, government and academia. Papers published in the journal must contain some link to practice through realistically detailed examples or real applications. Author(s) are required to demonstrate the managerial relevance and implications of the decision problem. The decision-making environment may include single or multiple decision makers considering single or multiple criteria in operational or strategic domains. IJADS draws on a wide range of disciplines, including accounting, decision sciences and management science, finance, information systems, marketing, operations and business process management and strategic and organizational management.


Papers published in IJADS should not only meet high standards of research rigor and originality, but also embrace managerial relevance. The principal objective of the journal is to establish an effective channel of communication between policy makers, government agencies, practicing managers, academic and research institutions and persons concerned with the practical applications of decision sciences. IJADS is interested but not confined to papers that focus on one or more of the following dimensions:


·  Define new problem domains in managerial decision-making

·  Develop new methodologies to formulate decision problems

·   Apply decision sciences and/or information systems methods uniquely to interesting problems.


The audience for IJADS includes anyone interested in practical aspects of decision sciences and information systems. Because decision sciences and information systems are highly interdisciplinary, our audience includes the research community specialists and practitioners who work as consultants or in-house experts in business, industry, and government and those who study or teach courses in decision sciences, information systems, or related disciplines in academia.

IJADS publishes original papers, review papers, technical reports, case studies, management reports, book reviews, notes, and commentaries. Special Issues devoted to important topics in decision sciences and information systems will occasionally be published.


IJADS is a forum for exchange of research findings, analysis, information, and knowledge in areas which include but are not limited to: Accounting, Decision Sciences and Management Science, Finance, Information Management and Systems, Marketing, Operations and Business Process Management, and Strategic and Organizational Management.


Submitted manuscripts will be reviewed for possible publication based on the following criteria:


· Applicability: Does the manuscript bridge the gap between theory and practice of decision sciences and information systems?

· Credibility: Does the manuscript present credible and accurate information?

· Methodology: Does the manuscript use sound and appropriate method(s)?

· Readership: Does the subject of the manuscript appeal to the interests of the Journal’s readership?

· Organization: Does the manuscript follow a definite direction and clear organization?

· Originality: Does the manuscript add new findings, insights, or knowledge to the body of literature?

· Research: Does the manuscript compare and weigh the material against the work of others?

· Style: Does the manuscript follow a clear, informative, and persuasive writing style?

IJADS promises to be a respectable academic journal in Decision Sciences. The Editorial Board of IJADS, comprised of over 80 renowned scholars and researchers from 20 different countries, plans to publish the inaugural issue of the Journal in September 2008. Author(s) may submit their paper in the form of an MS Word file attached to an e-mail to the IJADS Editor-in-Chief below:


Madjid Tavana, Ph.D.

Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Applied Decision Sciences

Professor, Management Information Systems

Lindback Distinguished Chair of Information Systems

La Salle University

1900 West Olney Ave.

Philadelphia,  PA  19141,  U.S.A.

Tel: 215.951.1129

Fax: 267.295.2854

Email: tavana [at]


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